Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cinematheque Reviews:
Enter The Void

It's been eight years since Gaspar Noe released his last film, Irreversible, and it has been about eight years for many to get it out of their head - if they have.  Perhaps the intensity that came with seeing Irreversible (whether you loved it or hated it - and I don't think that were many in the contingent between these two polars) was what caused the better part of a decade to erode before seeing a new film from M. Noe.  Okay, this is just my hyperbolic way of saying the French Provocateur has finally come out with a new film and (though I am not here to do such things) I highly recommend it - to both those who loved and those who hated Irreversible.  You will probably have the same reaction as before (for both similar and vastly different reasons) but those who hated Irreversible were wrong in the first place.  How's that for a pompous, demanding and quite opinionated exclamation?  Anyway, read the damned review.....

This film is such a visually striking movie, that I had to add a second shot, where normally I place just one.

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