Monday, October 25, 2010

Film Poll #5: The Results

The best Fincher?  Ya know, I figured this was going to be a runaway victory for Fight Club, but no (he said pleasantly surprised).  I figured the cult status of the club no one is to talk about would give it the necessary boost in needed to claim victory over more obvious choices (much like The Big Lebowski beating out obviously superior films in the Coen Bros. poll from a few weeks ago).   Instead, it was a tight two-team race up to the very end, when Zodiac (my choice I am happy to say!) squeaked out a one-run, walk-off victory - while everyone else fell in a very distant 3rd and beyond (including not a single vote for three of the auteur's films - two expectantly, one not so much).   Anyway, here are the results.  And to stave off all those Fight Club lovers that are getting ready to toss off an angry comment or two towards yours truly - contrary to me aforementioned snide remark, I do in fact like Fight Club (it is my 4th favourite after Zodiac, Social Network and the oft-maligned Panic Room, and right above Se7en and Ben Button - let's not even talk Alien 3 - and I have never seen The Game).  So there.

Zodiac - 12 (40%)
Fight Club - 11 (36%)
Se7en - 4 (13%)
The Social Network - 2 (6%)
Panic Room - 1 (3%)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - 0 (0%)
Alien 3 - 0 (0%)
The Game - 0 (0%)

I will be away this week-end so there will be no new film poll until next week sometime.  But not to worry, when the new poll is announced, you will be the first to know.

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