Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Film Poll #4: The Results

Just the fact that there have been enough eye-patch wearing directors to make an entire poll about is kind of amazing in its own right.  The fact that Nick Ray won that very poll is a giddily expectant outcome.  Actually I figured it would be a race between Ray and Fritz - and it was.  John Ford expectantly came in third with Andre de Toth finishing in fourth (w/ two votes).  I am actually surprised he got any (since he is ostensibly the least well known of the five choices - though he did create what is probably the best 3D movie ever made (House of Wax for those unsure) which is quite an accomplishment considering.  I do kind of feel feel sorry for poor Raoul Walsh though, without even a single pity vote (c'mon, he did make High Sierra the acerbic Bogie, the lovely Lupino and that annoying dog that just would not shut the hell up!).  Anyway, here are the results, based on 28 total votes.

Nicholas Ray - 11 (39%)
Fritz Lang - 9 (32%)
John Ford - 6 (21%)
Andre de Toth - 2 (7%)
Raoul Walsh - 0 (0%)

The next poll will be coming tomorrow or the next day (as soon as I figure out what it will be).  And remember, if you have any ideas for future film polls, feel free to pass those ideas on via the comments section here.  And remember to tell all your friends, because the more poll participants, the better.  See you soon.

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