Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun at the Beach.....with PEZ

Believe it or not true believers, there is more to this rabid cinephile's life than just the cinema.  There is PEZ.  Yeah, you read that right - PEZ, those candy dispensers with the character heads.  You see, I collect them, and currently have over 2000 of them at home (along with about 400+ other non-dispenser PEZ items).  This week-end I will be in Myrtle Beach at an honest-to-goodness PEZ convention.  Yeah, it may seem weird that such a thing exists (there are over a dozen different ones throughout the world!) but to me and my lovely wife, it is business as usual.

Anyhoo (did I just type that!?  oh well) we are here at the beach (arrived yesterday late afternoon) and are soaking in all Myrtle Beach has to offer - including watching the sunrise over the Atlantic, PEZ buying and (in just a few hours) going to the KISS Coffeehouse!!!  My point being, I will not be blogging at all this week-end (though I obviously have my trusty laptop with me) so come back Monday or Tuesday to see new reviews of such films as Catfish, Nowhere Boy, Hereafter and others.

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