Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Cinematheque Reviews:
Making Plans For Lena

Christophe Honore's latest film, Making Plans For Lena, has finally made it across the pond, but as usual, he has barely survived the trip.  This heir apparent to the Nouvelle Vague, after international successes with such films as Dans Paris, Love Songs and even the divisive Ma Mere, has had his last two films (this and La Belle Personne before it) all but ignored stateside.  Luckily IFC (a godsend to cinephiles) has released the film on demand (as they did with La Belle Personne) to coincide with its all-too brief stint on NYC screens - or make that screen. Theatrical distribution vagaries aside, I had the opportunity to see Honore's latest and have reviewed it accordingly.

Read my review of Making Plans For Lena at The Cinematheque.

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