Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Few Introductory Babblings On
The Social Network

From its opening wordplay sword thrusts to its horror movie-like lighting and Wellesian audacity to its wittily acerbic Aaron Sorkin written screenplay to its seamless CGI-diluted Winklevii to its Gatsbyesque delusions of grandeur to its overall damn fine storytelling and Oscar-wouldbe performances of Eisenberg and Timberlake (tossing sexy aside and bringing evil back) to Fincher's bravura camera that should elicit its own Fincherian moniker, The Social Network is deserving of being called (dare I say it?) the best film of 2010 - so far.  Hyperbolic genuflection aside, my review (or should I say essay, since it runs over 2000 words) of this movie, a movie that is quickly becoming the cinephiliac phenomenon that its titular subject has become in the "real" world, will be coming sometime tomorrow.  

I saw the movie for the second time earlier today (the last time I paid a repeat visit so soon after the original was when I went running back to QT's Inglourious Basterds last year - just three days later!) and was forced(?) to add a few more ideas to my review/essay before finally posting it.  My ranting here is merely my not being able to wait to say at least a little something about this movie (other than my periodic, and rather ironic considering, Facebook status updates over the past week) before tomorrow.  Now before I start comparing girls to farm animals (inside movie joke for those still not acquainted) or some such nonsense, I am logging off in order to finish that aforementioned 2000+ word film essay.

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