Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Award or Two

Apparently there is this thing that has been bobbling around the web lo these past few years.  It is called the Liebster Award.  What it is or where it came from is anybody's guess, but what is known is that it is a cyber bobble handed out to we web-based writers by our peers.  I was awarded one last year by Natalie over at In the Mood.  Back then the only "rule" was to pass said award on to 5 fellow web denizens you deem worthy.  Well now the ante has been upped.  Upon winning this award, one must divulge eleven things about themselves, answer eleven questions posed by the awarder, create eleven new questions of one's own for passing along, and name eleven fellow bloggers as new recipients of the Liebster Award.  Well, ain't that a lot of shit.  Oh well,  I have nothing better to do with my afternoon, so I suppose I can squeeze all this in.  

Oh, did I mention that I was awarded this prize not once, but twice this past week - and while on holiday at the beach (which is why I am just getting around to things now).  First Dan over at Public Transportation Snob handed it to me (cyberly of course) on Friday, and then on Sunday, as I frolicked in the surf, the mysterious Movie Waffler sent it my way.  Yeah, so this means I need to do 22 of everything?  Probably not.  It would probably be more efficient to combine these two awarded forces.  I will go ahead and reveal eleven things about myself and follow that up with answering all 22 questions posed to me (that's only fair after all), and then pass the award on to eleven fellow webheads, with eleven questions for them to in turn answer.  Otherwise we are going to be here all day.  And as for being deserving of such accolades - I do not think any of us are considering these to be in the realm of the Oscars or some such semi-equivalent award, and therefore no heads need be swelled.  Well, swelled any more than they may already be.  Basically it is just a way to get us to talk about ourselves, and I am always up for that.  Did I mention the head-swelling thing?  Anyway, here goes. And please remember, when paying it forward, no tag backs.

11 (non movie related believe it or not) things about yours truly:

1. I have had over a hundred works of poetry published on three different continents.
2. My wife and I were married four weeks after we met.  We are still together 14½ years later.
3. I proudly wear my Yankee pinstripes.
4. My favourite food groups are meat and chocolate.
5. I grew up in an amusement park. That is not a metaphor. It was an actual amusement park.
6. My favourite comic book character has always been Magneto.
7. I collect Pez dispensers. I currently own 2,184 of the little buggers.
8. My favourite colour is plaid.  That's right, plaid.
9. I failed skipping in kindergarten.  I have since learned how to skip.
10. My biggest pet peeve is when someone calls a gorilla or chimpanzee a monkey.
11. As this is probably proof of, I love making lists.

22 Questions, and my answers to them:

1. What is the best movie of 2012 so far?  Béla Tarr's The Turin Horse.
2. What is the worst movie so far?  The Raven and Man on a Ledge are neck and neck.
3. What is your favorite band or artist?  Give me Sinatra and Dino any day.
4. What is your opinion on singing karaoke?  I'm a fool, so count me in.
5. Spike Lee: Overrated or underrated?  I use to believe underrated, but these days I'm thinking overrated.
6. Although he won't admit it, does Tommy Wiseau realize that The Room is terrible?  Never seen it.
7. Beyond movies, what is your area of expertize for a trivia team?  I am a Renaissance man of trivia.
8. What's your favorite brand of cereal?  Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berries of course.
9. Is The Tree of Life brilliant, a self-indulgent mess, or somewhere in between?  Gonna go with brilliant.
10. Are you excited about the Olympics? If so, which competitions?  Hello, Olympic junky here.
11. What is the last movie you watched?  Laurence Olivier's Henry V.
12. Which city and country do you live in?  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.
13. If I should watch one movie I have not seen, what should it be?  The director's cut of Greed.
14. What's the best comment left on your site? A penis enhancement spam message.
15. And the worst? A penis enhancement spam message.
16. Of all the posts you've written, which are you most proud of?  All of them.  None of them.
17. What inspired you to be a blogger?  I am not a blogger.  I am a film historian and critic.
18. Do you write in your native language?  Oui.
19. How often do you visit the cinema?  I see on average about 125 films in theaters each year.
20. If someone is talking in a cinema, do you call them out on it?  I bitchslap them like they deserve.
21. When it comes to new movies, have we ever had it so bad?  They don't make 'em like they used to.
22. Is 3D here to stay?  Sadly, yes.

11 worthy successors, aka, the pay it forward gang (in no particular order):

In the Mood
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11 Questions for 11 award recipients:

1. What is your favourite film of all time?
2. What was the first film you saw in a theater?
3. What is your opinion on the Oscars?
4. On average, how many movies do you watch per year?
5. What is your favourite decade in cinema?
6. If you could switch places with any movie character, who would it be?
7. What is your favourite guilty pleasure movie?
8. Audrey Hepburn - worthy of her hype?
9. How long have you been writing about movies?
10. Who is your most hated movie character?
11. What is your favourite movie musical number?

Well there you go faithful readers and true believers.  These proceedings are now at an end.  'nuff said.


Natalie said...

Thanks for awarding me, Kevyn! I'll be passing this on ASAP.

MP said...

Thank you for the award Mr. K. I'll be working on my list now!
By the way, thanks for participating to the yearly poll!

Alex said...

Thanks for the tag! I'm going on vacation for a week so I might not get a chance to make a list of my own but I enjoyed reading your post! Gotta see THE TURIN HORSE...

Kevyn Knox said...

Thanx. Yeah, I actually just watched The Turin Horse again last night. Still holds up.

Dan said...

Kevyn, please do tell about growing up in an amusement park. I'd love to hear more about that one.

Kevyn Knox said...

It was called Williams Grove Park. It was on an island (sort of) between two creeks. Half the island was the park and half was houses. My grandfather ran some of the rides and my grandmother sold concessions, so I basically had the run of the place, from roller coaster to haunted house to train to arcade to french fry stand to bumper cars to magic show to everything.

It was great fun. The park no longer exists though. It closed about a decade ago, though it died out long before that. It was a flea market for a while then, side by side with the remnants of the rides. Kind of like a sad otherworldly place by then. Last year, someone at the flea market fell and hurt themselves. They sued the owners and because of that the flea market closed for good. Now it is just an amusement park graveyard. But back in my childhood, it was a blast indeed.