Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Battle Royale #3: Battle of the Tinsel Town Bitches (The Results)

Well it looks like we are the conclusion of yet another tightly contested Battle Royale here at The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World.  Dubbed the Battle of the Tinsel Town Bitches (all you feminists just calm down now), is our third edition of Battle Royale.  This time around, in our series pitting two Hollywood heavyweights against each other, you were asked to choose between lifelong archrivals Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.  And once again, just like in our first two editions, it was a veritable photo finish.  In our first edition, Battle of the Beautiful Swedes, Ingrid Bergman bested Great Garbo by just two votes.  In round two, Battle of the Hollywood Hoofers, Fred Astaire took down Gene Kelly by, you guessed it, two votes.  Well now we come to our third round, and guess what?  Well, if you guessed one beat the other by just two votes, you would be wrong.  No, this one was so photo finish that no winner could be determined.  With both Davis and Crawford receiving 20 votes apiece, we have logged in our very first tie game in Battle Royale history.

Personally my vote went to Miss Crawford, which means this is the closest my choice has come to winning yet.  Sorry Gene and Greta.  But alas, no one victor could be determined this time around, so we will have to call Bette and Joan equal Tinsel Town Bitches.  Neither one would be very happy at that outcome I am sure.  What I am not happy with was the low turnout at the so-called polls.  After 50 votes were cast in the Garbo/Bergman battle, and 66 in the Astaire/Kelly bout, just a mere 40 were cast this time around.  What's wrong, you don't want to be in on all the fun of pitting classic stars and directors against each other in bloodless combat?  Of course you do!  Which is why I just know we can get the voting numbers into the triple digits with round four.  And speaking of round four, the classic Hollywood participants of that round will be announced in just a few days.  I am sure this round will be both classic and scary indeed.


MP said...

I also voted for Crawford. Sad that you got the lowest votes on this battle. This is probably due to Summer Vacation that you got less votes this time around, I guess. I'd love to see a Scorsese vs Coppola Battle Royale!

Kevyn Knox said...

Scorsese all the way baby.

For right now I am sticking to more classic battles, but perhaps I will do a few more modern editions now and then.

The next one (announcing on Friday) should be a good one.