Thursday, August 2, 2012

Walking Central Park and Singing After Dark: New York in Genres

Hey gang (he said in his best Mickey Rooney impersonation) there is some stuff going on over at the film site known as Eternity of Dream.  It is a recurring series (as opposed to all those series' that do not recur?) that takes a city and asks we fine folks across the intrawebs to pick a film that represents said city.  The catch is that there is only one per genre.  One action film.  One musical.  One horror movie.  One doc, one silent, one short, one animated.....well, you get the picture.  Anyway, the object is that we each write up a little bit of something on the film(s) that we have chosen and/or been assigned and they are compiled into one master post.  The first of these was set in Paris.  I did not know about this one until it was too late.  Otherwise I would have jumped at contributing something Breathless or Rififi or some such film.  But the second one, set in New York, I did catch in time, and in doing so, I have been able to contribute three entries into the whole shebang.  My choices were for the genres of silent film, short film and experimental film.  If you want to know which films I chose, and read my thoughts on said films, then you will have to head on over and check that out.  And no, the picture below has nothing to do with any of my choices.  It's just another fun film about NYC.

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