Thursday, July 28, 2011

Off to the Beach. Be Back Soon.

Well you won't have Kevyn Knox to kick around any more!  Okay, perhaps this Nixonesque quote is a bit on the melodramatic side (oh how I love those melodramas) because in reality I will only be gone for an extended week-end.  The lovely missus and I are off to O.C.M.D. (Ocean City, Maryland for those of you who do not speak "me") early this morning and I will not be blogging until I return.  To be honest I am not even sure if there will be wifi where we are staying (even in this day and age?) but whether there is or not, I will only be using it to surf that there net, not to post any stellar new cinema-related revelations.  Now there will be one post popping up here over the week-end (yeah, go ahead, call me a liar!) so you won't have to live that long without me.  That post will be a link to my weekly 10 Best Feature over at Anomalous Material - this week featuring the 10 Best 1950's Sci-Fi Films.  Otherwise, no news until my return early next week.  This return will include such catch-up reviews as Friends with Benefits, Crazy Stupid Love and Cowboys & Aliens (my trip also means I will have to wait until my return to even see this much-anticipated movie).  Anyway, like I said earlier, we are off to the beach, so I will get off of here and leave you with a lovely image of that classic beach movie The Seventh Seal.  Ah yes, the nostalgic feel of romping along the surf, avoiding the black plague and playing a rousing game of chess with Death.  See ya on the flip side.


Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Fortunately, my inflatable M.B.F.I.T.W. (Most Beautiful Fraud in the World, for those who don't speak me) is at the ready to receive a kick during your absence. And as a person who's been to Ocean City on many occasions for somber, reflective-like interludes I wish you the best of vacations, Kev...we'll leave a light on for ya.

Kevyn Knox said...

Thanx. Hope your inflatable MBFITW doesn't spring a leak - they can be pretty messy if they do.

Michaël Parent said...

I've just been to Ocean City, MD last week-end and the weather was extreme! Where are you staying? For us it was a 12 hours ride but t'was worth the ride! Have fun and enjoy the beautiful beach and the many mini-golf courses!

Kevyn Knox said...

Weather is beautiful here. We are staying at a friend's condo on 71st street. It's about 4 hours from where we live (not quite as far as you). Going to do some mini-golfing tomorrow sometime probably. Just got back from the beach now.

Oh and even though I said I wouldn't have wifi here (which we do not) I found out that I can plug my Droid into my laptop and presto - here I am.

Well, I think I'm going to go get some seafood now.