Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anomalous Material Weekly Feature: 10 Best Tarantino Characters

As you may already know, I now take up weekly residence over at the great film site Anomalous Material.  The fine folks over there have given me a regular weekly gig as feature writer.  It is a series of top ten lists on various cinematic subjects (and anyone who knows me can attest to how perfectly suited I am to such an endeavor - yes I am a list nerd).  This week's feature piece (my seventh such piece) is on that man I am not afraid to say I love - Quentin Tarantino.  We (the royal we) take a look at the best Tarantino characters in the audacious auteur's equally audacious oeuvre.  Some picks and some omissions seem to be a bit on the controversial side (as controversial as such things can be) but I believe number one is a given.  Anyway, read on true believers.

Read my feature article, "10 Best Quentin Tarantino Characters" at Anomalous Material.

You know, in a related story, I have the counter woman at the local Fed/Ex store convinced that I am Quentin Tarantino.   She actually asked me one day if I was him and I alluded answering the question.  She sees me sending movies (actual 35mm prints) to various theaters - as an arthouse cinema manager like myself is apt to do - and I suppose since QT and I look similar (but by no means enough so as to make one think one were the other) she must have assumed I was him.  Why Tarantino would be living and working in Harrisburg Pa and not L.A., I don't know, but I am pretty sure she still believes that I am he - and he is me.  Of course me saying bye one day and telling her it would be a while until I was in again due to working on the script for Kill Bill 3 didn't help the confusion any.  Ah well..... 


Duke said...

I enjoyed this bit ... Tarantino is a master.

Kevyn Knox said...

Thanx ... and yes he is.