Friday, July 22, 2011

Anomalous Material Weekly Feature: 10 Best Movie Supervillains

As you may already know, I now take up weekly residence over at the great film site Anomalous Material.  The fine folks over there have given me a regular weekly gig as feature writer.  It is a series of top ten lists on various cinematic subjects (and anyone who knows me can attest to how perfectly suited I am to such an endeavor - yes I am a list nerd).  This week's feature piece (my eighth such piece) is on  those wonderful and iconic super bad guys.  I take a look at the best comic book movie supervillains and just how better (and most times cooler) they are than the heroes themselves.  Anyway, read on true believers.

Read my feature article, "10 Best Comic Book Movie Supervillains" at Anomalous Material.

Below is a splash panel from Captain America #16.  It represents the newest entry on my list.  So new in fact, that I had to hand in my feature a day late just so I could see the midnight show of Captain America: The First Avenger in case I wanted to add the Red Skull, as played by Hugo Weaving, into the fray.  Needless to say I did just that.

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