Friday, February 11, 2011

The Cinematheque Reviews:
The Mechanic

To prepare myself for seeing this remake, I watched the original 1972 Charles Bronson version the night before. I suppose I would have still thought this quite banal Jason Statham thing was a mess without having first seen the inevitably superior original, but who knows.  If anything it just made this new thing seem worse.  Granted, the 1972 film is not the best of cinema, but it was a rather enjoyable genre piece (directed by the director who also gave us Bronson's Death Wish series).  I will give this new thing kudos for one thing though - Ben Foster does give the film at least a modicum of respectability.  Not enough to save it from its mediocre self, but at least a little bit.  Anyway, my review is up and running, for what it is.  

Oh yeah, and since the original is (of course) better, I've opted for an image from that one instead of the aforementioned new thing.  And to top that, it is a rather esoteric choice of screen shots at that.

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