Friday, February 25, 2011

Film Poll #9: The Oscar Results

And our Oscar poll is finished and we declare a tie.  Never has there been a tie for Best Picture at the Academy Awards (some other categories, yes, but never in the top spot), but here a tie there be maties.  Sorry about the pirate speak.  Anyway, here are the results.

The Social Network - 21 votes (27%)
Black Swan - 21 votes (27%)

In third place is the most likely winner at those "real" Academy Awards later this weekend.

The King's Speech - 13 votes (17%)

And then the rest (distantly off).

Winter's Bone - 6 votes (7%)
True Grit - 6 votes (7%)
Inception - 3 votes (3%)
The Fighter - 2 votes (2%)
The Kids Are All Right  - 2 votes (2%)
Toy Story 3 - 2 votes (2%)

And then the poor little film (actually my personal choice for fourth place) with no votes to call its own.

127 Hours - 0 votes (0%)

And that is it for this poll.  Enjoy the Oscars (though they are woefully predictable this year) and come back here for another poll in a few weeks.

For now, enjoy this great moment from (fictional) Oscar history.

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