Friday, February 4, 2011

The LAMB Leaderboard has been updated...and I have dropped to a "career" low of 17th place

The fine folks over at LAMB (The Large Association of Movie Blogs) have updated their monthly leaderboard once again - showing which LAMB members have the most traffic driven back to the aforementioned Large Association of Movie Blogs.  In the six months since becoming a member, my ranking has fluctuated such: August I placed at #5 (with a bullet!), then in September I crept up to #4 (my highest spot thus far), but in November I plummeted waaay down to #16, only to have a resurgence of sorts in December with a #10 placing.  Now, as January ends and we see the totals for that month, I seem to have dropped to a career low at #17.  What does all this mean?  Nothing really, but I sure would like to crack that top three someday.

As for my ranking on Wikio, I have dropped there as well.  From #97 to #107 (which is out of a top 100, so I am not exactly sure how that works!?)  But then Wikio is listing big name blogs like MSN Movies and the ilk, so a ranking of any kind is good.

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