Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Cinematheque Reviews:
Season of the Witch

Perhaps it is because I generally blocked this fiasco out of my mind.  Perhaps it is because this film is so inevitably forgettable.  Perhaps I figured no one would really care about such a movie.  Perhaps I was just really busy that day.  Who knows?  The fact is that I wrote my review and posted said review over at my site, but alas, did not post my usual link here at blog central.  So here it is, three weeks after seeing it and two-and-a-half after writing my less-than tepid review of it - and probably long long after anyone who could have once cared does anymore (in fact the damned film - Ha! - is not even playing anywhere locally anymore).  Better late than never I suppose one says at this juncture.

Read my review of Season of the Witch at The Cinematheque.

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