Monday, June 21, 2010

Micmacs Reviewed at The Cinematheque

Jeunet usually equals sweet and sappy storytelling but with a visually macabre bent.  The filmmaker has his highs (City of Lost Children) and his lows (Amelie) and his inbetweens (A Very Long Engagement) and I suppose his latest would fit kinda snugly in that latter category.  Moments of giddy resplendence are rampant throughout (many claim an affinity to Chaplin but all-in-all it is sort of an homage to Tati and his jocular M. Hulot) and it never dips into the saccharine diet of a film like the loathsome Amelie.  I suppose the best I can say is I had fun while watching the movie.  That's a good thing, right?  Anyway, the full review is over at that there site of mine (you know the one) so check it out when you get a chance (the link is just below after all!). 

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