Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Runaways Reviewed at The Cinematheque

Another in my ever-decreasing array of catch-up reviews from my sabbatical time. (P.S. - almost caught up).  Also, to shout my own praises (I don't care what Will Rogers said dammit!!) I would like to highlight a certain line from my review because I really thrilled myself by writing it.  It is "Stealing every scene she's in with an understated brooding manner (a la Brando with breasts!) Stewart proves that she is more than just the ashen-skinned Olive Oyl to a vampiric Popeye and a lycanthropic Bluto."  It may very well be pretty damned cheesy, but I can't help enjoying it.  Anyway, go ahead and read the entire review now.  Thanx.

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