Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vincere Reviewed at The Cinematheque

Although a new movie, Marco Bellocchio's Vincere reminds one of not only the art cinema of the fifties and sixties, but also of the early Soviet cinema of Eisenstein, Dovzhenko and Vertov.  This seems to be some sort of cinematic roadblock for the uninitiated among filmgoers - many of them calling the film brash and loud and overly dramatic.  Of course these are the very attributes that made this film so enjoyable for yours truly.  Ah well, you can't please everyone - nor should you want to.  Anyway, my review is finally posted over at The Cinematheque (weeks after seeing it) and it is one of many reviews that were waylaid by my sudden (and quite unexpected, even by me) sabbatical during March and April.  And it is also one step closer to me finally catching up on all those "lost" reviews - a thing that should happen very soon now.

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