Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Cinematheque Reviews: Thor

I must admit to being a comicbook aficionado from way back.  I picked up my first copy of The Avengers sometime in early 1977, at the tender age of nine.  As they say, I was hooked.  I still to this day have fond memories of these old Marvel comics.  After initially "growing up" and putting so-called "childish" things away, I have periodically returned to these stories.  I am not a big fan of the more modern take on comics, but I do have a great fondness for the old days of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and the crowd.  My favourites of the time are (along with the aforementioned Avengers) Captain America, Dr. Strange, The Fantastic Four, The Silver Surfer, The Defenders, Iron Man, The X-Men (before that title's soul was sucked out by corporate marketing!) and The Mighty Thor. That being said, I was actually verily impressed by this new Thor (as opposed to some of my fellow critics).  Though it didn't reach the heights of my hopes for the movie, it did far exceed my somewhat lowered expectations.  My review (clocked in at nearly 1300 words - I do tend to ramble on sometimes) is up and running over at The Cinematheque in case you would care to check it out.


Dan O. said...

Part of what I wanted from the film was a guy in armor with a giant hammer smacking frost giants in the face…and so I got that. It was a good time at the theaters, and that’s all I asked for. Good review, check out mine when you can!

Kevyn Knox said...

Those are good things to hope for. I wish he had worn the helmet more often though. Anyway good, fun time indeed.