Sunday, August 21, 2011

Applause, Applause, Applause (Please Sit Down).....I Hath Been Awarded, and (not so) Humbly Accept the Liebster Blog Award

Well it looks like yours truly has been awarded a little prize.  Natalie, over at In the Mood, has graciously handed over The Liebster Blog Award to The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World (aka the aforementioned yours truly), and I thank her dearly for such.  This award has been going around the web in recent times as a fun booby prize of sorts for we so-called "smaller blogs" (technically it is meant for blogs of under 300 followers but considering only one blog platform that I know of actually tallies followers, who knows how accurate such a thing is).  No one is really sure where this award comes from (some claim Germany, others say Neptune) and to be honest it is not so much an award as a tagging game of sorts.  Still though, it is a fun little tidbit to receive (it means somebody is paying attention) and looks good hanging up on your bloggy sidebar.

Now there are a few "rules" that go along with the world famous (or possibly interstellar) Liebster Blog Award.  First the awardee must thank whosoever gave he or she said award (which I did above but will do again here - thanx Natalie) and then he or she should pick out 3-5 fellow bloggers and, as they say, pay it forward.  So I suppose that is just what I will do.  And remember, to those I hand this award to, you have no obligation to, as they say, pay it forward.  After all, it's just for fun anyway.  So without further ado, I award the intergalactic Liebster Blog Award to the following worthy blogs and their equally worthy bloggers.

Nathaniel Hood @ Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear
Marsha, aka Flick Chick @ A Person in the Dark
Jack L @ Jack L Film Reviews
Caroline Shapiro @ Garbo Laughs
Alex DeLarge @ Korova Theatre

Well that's it for now true believers.  I want to thank Natalie one more time for giving me this award.  And here's to hoping the five worthy bloggers I in turn hand these awards out to, enjoy them for what they are (they will look pretty snazzy hanging on your sidebar).  I will now leave you with an image from Howard Hawks' great unwashed classic, Only Angels Have Wings with Cary Grant and Jean Arthur.  There is really no reason I choose this image to close out with (it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Liebster Blog Award or anything else in this post) but it is the most recent film I have watched (just before writing this post) and it is one of my favourites to boot.  Thanx again.....and good night.


Natalie said...

You're very, very welcome, Kevyn. ;)

FlickChick said...

Thank you, Kevyn! I love your blog, too and am going to update my blog roll now (something I don't do enough). Again, thanks so much. Love your work!

Alex DeLarge said...

Thanks Kevyn, keep on blogging!