Saturday, May 21, 2011

At Least I Am in Good Company: My Take on the LAMMY Nods

John Barrymore.  Tyrone Power.  Jean Harlow.  Joseph Cotton.  Veronica Lake.  John Gilbert.  Mae West.  Boris Karloff.  Rita Hayworth.  Ida Lupino.  Edward G. Robinson.  Marilyn Monroe.  Kevyn Knox.

What do these thirteen people, nay, thirteen celebrities (yeah, I said it) have in common you may ask.  Well I will tell you oh curious reader.  As for the first twelve on the list (the ones that can legitimately be called celebrities) - their common bond is the sad fact that none of them have ever been nominated for an Academy Award.  That is right true believers (my quick apology to Stan Lee for the usurping of his tagline), there is nary an Oscar nomination between them.  Shocking if you ask me - especially with Barrymore, Robinson and Monroe - but true nonetheless.  

As for that final person on the above list - yours truly at lucky number thirteen (which not so coincidentally is my actual lucky number) - he can now be added to that no-love-from-the-peers list.  After today's announcement of the LAMMY nominations (the annual awards given out by the fine folks over at The Large Association of Movie Blogs, aka The LAMB) and my inability to garner even a lone nomination (I thought perhaps Best New LAMB, or even sakes alive, Best Movie Reviewer or the Brainiac Award) I know just how many of the aforementioned twelve must have felt on nomination morning.

Now I do not mean to get all maudlin, or even bitter or jaded (because really I am not any of these things - really), and I do not mean to sound as if I thought I even deserved a nomination (I was hoping, but not really expecting), especially considering there are hundreds of sites vying for just fifteen categories, but since I advertised on this blog last month that the nominations were coming, and even designed an FYC ad (seen below) for the occasion, I thought I should at least let everyone (if anyone is even out there listening right now) know how it went.

Now I should not feel too bad since, unlike the twelve no-longer-living celebrities above, I am still alive and kicking and, as they say, there is always next year (unless that pesky as-advertised rapture comes today).  Of course then I will no longer be eligible for Best New LAMB (this was my first year in the running after all - another reason to have hope springing eternal) and thus will have one less opportunity for a nomination.  Still though, next year will be my year.  As for right now, right here, I suppose I should just go on with my film reviews and other assorted cinematic ramblings (though the rapture may put a damper on that as well) and hope to do better next year.

I would like to not only thank those fellow LAMBs that voted for me in whatever categories, but also thank all my readers (you are out there, right?) for sticking around and (I can only assume) enjoying the things I have to say.  Don't worry, I am not going anywhere (I certainly won't disappear if that damned rapture comes!).  I would also like to congratulate all my fellow LAMBs who did receive nominations today (the announcement was made via podcast - a full list of the nominees will be released on Monday at The LAMB).  There are no hard feelings, this post has been done in the most tongue-in-cheek fashion, and thus should (hopefully) be taken as such.  But I will get you next year (insert sound of maniacal laughter here).....

ed. note (05/23): Here is a link to a full list of the 2011 LAMMY Nominees.  Again, congrats to you all.

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