Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And Back Into the Mighty Top 10, the Critic He Did Zoom

For all those keeping track of the bloggish ups and downs of my so-called popularity (or lack thereof in some instances) - and I am sure that is just about everyone out there (!?) - then here is some good news and some bad.

First, after a "career" low of 16th place in the LAMB Leaderboard in November, my ranking for the month of December is a comfortable, but not quite pleasurable 10th place (my "career" high is 4th place back in September of 2010).  Meanwhile, over at Wikio, my standing has been going down down down.  In the three months I have been tracking it, I have gone from 77th to 83rd to (ack!!) 97th.  To be honest I am not even sure how I ever managed to crack the top 100 in the first place, so hanging on as I am is mere icing on the cake I suppose.

Anyway, popularity contests aside, I suppose the best barometer of one's blog success is the amount of comments left at said blog.  The only problem is that ain't so great either (he said with tongue-in-cheek bad grammar).  Alas, all I can do is write what I write and let everything else fall into (or out of) place.  Of course this doesn't mean I won't still obsess about such things come the first of every month.

Anyway, in honour of cracking the LAMB's Top 10 once again (Wikio be damned!!) here is a shot of one of my personal Top 10 movies (which may or may not have some sort of metaphorical importance if one were to delve into such things).  

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