Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Cinematic-Watching Goals (aka, Resolutions)

I know I say this every year, but this time I mean it - really.  My goal is to see at least a movie a day in 2011.  

And here is how we break it down:

160+ new releases - This past year I only saw 90 new releases (though I will catch a few more 2010 movies in the next few weeks) but my goal is to raise that number to at least 160.  I have not done more than 134 prior to now (in 2009 to be exact) but will increase that too, by a bit, for 2011.

140+ films from my Quest to see the 1000 Greatest Films of All-Time (for an explanation of what this quest is, go HERE) - I have seen 579 of these as of this moment, so this will raise my total to 719 by year's end.

66+ other films - Those movies that are not 2011 US releases nor one of the grand from the aforementioned quest.  These will probably include a bunch of early works by Howard Hawks and lesser known directors such as Mervyn LeRoy, Roy Del Ruth and William Dieterle, as well as early films starring Blondell and Cagney and Crawford and Bogart and others (since I seem to be really into the Pre-Code era of Hollywood right now) but also newer works.  This number should probably be higher than 66, but let's keep things reasonable for now.

So that puts our grand total at 366+ movies to be seen in 2011 - one more than a movie-a-day.   

I will start my goal later tonight by watching (for the first time and projected after hours, onto the big screen of Midtown Cinema) Howard Hawks' epic Cinemascope Land of the Pharaohs, which will fit snugly into that third category above.

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