Saturday, December 11, 2010

Film Poll #7: Bogie & Bacall

First, he stole her away from the desires of director Howard Hawks, and allowed her to steal scene after scene from him in their first movie together (and her film debut btw) To Have and Have Not, then this forty-four year old tough guy actor got this nineteen year old beauty to marry him.  Then came The Big Sleep, Dark Passage Key Largo - and somewhere in there these two iconic stars helped create the Rat Pack (legend has it Bacall even gave them their name) and became the essence of cool. and finally,

Now all you have to do, is choose which of these four films you like best.  Is it the intriguing To Have and Have Not, where Betty teaches Bogie how to whistle?  Is it the quintessentially confounding Film Noir The Big Sleep?  Is it the rarely seen crime drama with the strange P.O.V. camerawork, Dark Passage?  Is it their final film together, where Bogart reunites with Edward G. Robinson, the steamy noirish Key Largo?  Go over to the left-handed sidebar and make your choice now!
.....and of course, you must check this out. I remember when this song/video came out and it was right about the time I was beginning to get into classic cinema, so, as cheesy as it may be (and even by 80's standards, this is pretty fucking cheesy!), I have always loved this song.

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