Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Best of 2010 (Well, Almost).....

Tonight I must form some sort of semi-coherent 600 word article on what I think are the best films of 2010 and cyber it along to the editors of the local alt-monthly I write a column for, The Burg.  The thing is though, I have yet to see all the films I should have sen in order to produce an accurate, semi-coherent 600 word article on what I think the best films of 2010 were/are.  As of tonight, I still have a gaping hole big enough to fit True Grit, Somewhere and Another Year into (not to mention The Fighter, Rabbit Hole and The King's Speech, but I don't honestly see those making it into my eventual Best of list).  In fact, as of tonight I only have nine films that fit into my Best of 2010 list - with a few possibilities that could fill that final hole, such as White Material, Never Let Me Go or Carlos (who instead will be sent to the runners-up department - or an extended Top 20 if you will).  But alas, deadlines is deadlines.  I will at some time or another (probably right around January 1st) post my "real" Best of 2010 list both here (in mostly commentary-less list form) and over at The Cinematheque (in much more typically wordy fashion - as I do every year).  As to tonight, I suppose a Top 9 will suffice for The Burg.  With that I leave you with a teaser of the list to come (aka, one of the nine).

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