Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Cinematheque Reviews:
Love & Other Drugs

A well-acted, if not extremely well-written or directed movie that highlights yet another daring and fine performance from that former Disney teen princess Anne Hathaway.  Now if she would just stay away from those Bride Wars type of movies, everything would be great (really Anne, I know the money is good, but you are above those kind of things now).  Too bad for her (and for co-star Jake Gyllenhaal who does his typical, but still highly entertaining cad-with-a-heart schtick - and this time acting a bit more "into her" than his Brokeback Mountain character was) that the movie completely falls to pieces in the last act - and the only thing it had going for it in the first place were these performances.  Anyway, a good film for at least a while and another stunning Hathaway performance (now stop doing the silly rom-coms!).


CMrok93 said...

Smart, sexy and funny, Gyllenhaal and Hathaway help make this the rare, entertaining love story.

Kevyn Knox said...

The two of them work together very naturally here. Too bad the story itself falls apart, because they both (especially Hathaway) do wonderful jobs here.