Friday, February 22, 2013

Who You Think SHOULD Win The Oscar!!

Well, well, well.  Lookie here.  It appears to be time to announce the final results in this year's Oscar Poll.  You were asked to decide which of the nine nominated films most deserves to win the Oscar for Best Picture - and answer it you most certainly did.  In fact, you did it with a quite incredible 195 votes cast - 123 more than last year.  Yeah, that's right!

Last year, The Tree of Life ran away with the whole shebang, garnering a whopping 43%.  This year, things were a bit more spread out, but we still had a rather decisive victory in the end.  Django Unchained, the latest film from Quentin Tarantino (and my favourite film of the year, nominated or not), led from day one, never relinquishing its lead, and actually sported a nine vote lead at one point. In the end, with a grand total of 42 votes, or 22% for the statistically-inclined, it beat out its nearest competitor by seven votes.  And speaking of that nearest competitor, it was Michael Haneke's Amour that finished second, with 35 votes, or 18%.  And that was pretty much the whole race, as third place was another ten votes from Amour, and never really challenged the second place film at all.

But, to get through the other seven films in the race, here we go.  Third place went to Zero Dark Thirty (my second favourite of the pack), grabbing 25 votes, or 13%.  Fourth place ended up as a tie between the two films that have battled for frontrunner status in the actual Oscar race.  Argo and Lincoln each received 20 votes, or 10%.  Meanwhile, there was another tie for sixth place.  Les Misérables and Beasts of the Southern Wild both nabbed 16 votes, or 8%.   Then we have Silver Linings Playbook (my least favourite of the bunch), coming in at eighth place, with 12 votes, or 6%, and bringing up the rear ('cause someone has to) is poor ole Life of Pi, with just 9 votes, or a mere 5%.  Poor little Pi.

Well, there ya go.  Now all that's left is to actually hand out the Oscars.  I will be back tomorrow with my predictions for Oscar night.  After that, I will be busily preparing for our 4th Annual Midtown Cinema Red Carpet Oscar Party - where there may or may not be some tweeting about said show.  And then, we'll see you back here on Monday with a whole big freakin' round-up.  Until then, see ya in the funny papers.


Anonymous said...

Lincoln is, without a doubt, the best film I saw in many a moon.

sandoval said...

Didn't think all that much of Lincoln or Argo (both so heavy handed!!). Was taken away with Zero Dark Thirty and absolutely loved Amour. Django was also a hell of an experience...probably my favorite of his since PF (although the first half of IB was so damn good, why'd he have to ruin it?) Didn't bother with LesMis...and Silver Lines was crap.

Kevyn Knox said...

Django and Zero = Great

Amour, Beasts and even Les Mis (yeah, that's right) = Good

Life of Pi = Better than I expected, but still not all that great

Argo & Lincoln = Mediocre at best

SLP = Ugghhh

And what was that comment about the second half of Basterds? Realy? I thought it great from beginning to end.