Thursday, June 21, 2012

Battle Royale #1: Battle of the Beautiful Swedes (The Results)

Well, the inaugural edition of The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World's newest regular feature is at an end.  The final bell has rung on our first Battle Royale, and a winner has been decided.  Our Battle of the Beautiful Swedes has been a hard fought battle but in the end, after fifty votes have been cast, a winner has been decided.  The only question that remains is whether it was the enigmatic Miss Garbo or the able-bodied Miss Bergman that would end up as our very first Battle Royale champion.  Which of these Stockholm born Hollywood legends would be the champ?  Well, a squeakier victory could barely have been had.   With a final score of 26 to 24 (or 52% to 48% if one wishes to delve into the stats) the victory goes to three time Academy Award winner Ingrid Bergman.  Sure, first she takes all the Oscars, and now this.  No wonder Garbo vanted to be left alone.  But seriously, I would like to congratulate our first Battle Royale champion, even if chances are pretty high she is not reading this particular post.  Or is she?  And to Miss Garbo - a valiant battle fought milady, and if it is any consolation (because of course she is reading this as well) you had my vote at hello.  

Seriously though, this was a close close race (I myself only chose Garbo over Bergman by the slightest of hairs) and that is what the Battle Royale is meant to be all about.  Pitting closely related cinematic giants against each other - one on one.  So remember to check back for more hard fought battles.  Each Battle Royale will have a voting period of three weeks.  The second Battle Royale will be announced in a few days.  I am guessing that all those song-and-dance fans out there will enjoy this one.  And yes, fifty votes was a good turnout, but I know we can do better.  Hopefully we can up the number of votes this time around and make it even more interesting.  See ya in a few days oh faithful readers and true believers.


Mark said...

Great stuff Kevyn! I'm looking forward to more of these.

Oh, and let me go ahead and put my vote in for Fred Astaire! :-)

Kevyn Knox said...

Ha! I'll hold your vote but you will have to come back once I post the poll - this weekend sometime.

Rianna said...

I conducted the same poll over at my blog a month ago and received similar results, Ingrid winning by a single vote. Ingrid is my second favorite actress so I'm glad she's the winner. I think, however, that the only reason these two actresses are compared so often is because of their common birthplace. Otherwise, they are nothing alike, for they possess different styles of acting and beauty.

Dave Enkosky said...

Man, Garbo and Bergman--such a tough choice. Ingrid would win for me only because she's in a lot more of my favorite films.