Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Film Poll: Fritz Lang, American Style

There is a new poll in town and it is all about the great one-eyed auteur Friedrich Christian Anton Lang, aka Fritz Lang.  The twist here is, that none of his great German-made work is eligible.  No M.  No Metropolis.  No Dr. Mabuse.  This is purely American Fritz Lang.  The German (Austrian born actually - Austria-Hungary born to be even more exact) director came to the states in 1934 (after a year in Paris, fleeing the now Nazi-controlled Germany) and a year and a half later released the first of his twenty-two films in Hollywood, before returning to Germany in the late fifties.

Your mission, if you decide to take it, is to go over to the lefthand sidebar and pick your favourite among M. Lang's twenty-two American films.  Simple as that.  The poll will go until April 8th at midnight, so if you have not seen all of Lang's American films (Film Forum just had a great retrospective on this very same subject, which is where I got the idea, the thief I am) you have a whole month to catch up - a fun thing for any self-respecting cinephile to do (I still have a few more to catch up on myself).


Unknown said...

One of my very favorite Langs is neither German nor American. It's his 1934 version of LILIOM which he made in France. It's available as an extra on Fox's 50th Anniversary DVD of CAROUSEL. Highly recommended.

Kevyn Knox said...

I have not seen that one yet, but of course, it is on my neverending must see list.