Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Cinematheque Reviews:
Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole is one of the final Oscar films getting released nationwide (only about three months after its initial, Oscar-eligible NY/LA release) and therefore, with me not making any of the press screenings, opting instead to wait for it's eventual wide(ish) release, one of the last ones being reviewed at The Cinematheque.  Biutiful and I Love You Phillip Morris being the only ones that will debut later (reviews of each coming very soon). The film is surprisingly well-done and doesn't (much) wallow in that typical mainstream maudlin mood such a storyline would more oft than not entail.  The acting of course, is superb (and that is not surprising at all considering the cast).


Dan O. said...

Kidman is amazing in this role, but so is Eckhart who i think was robbed of an Oscar nomination. Good Review!

Kevyn Knox said...

You are so right. Eckhart deserved a nomination.

Personally my five nominees in that category would have been Franco, Eisenberg, Eckhart, Gosling and Casey Affleck for The Killer Inside Me.