Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Cinematheque Reviews:
Drive Angry

Overall, the silly-looking Drive Angry (gleefully advertised as being shot in 3D) has been getting mediocre reviews to downright pans.  I am not sure what my brothers-in-critical-arms are thinking though.  I quite enjoyed the movie.  It may not be great cinema (though one must certainly wonder what a guy like Tarantino could do with the same Grindhouse-like material) and it certainly does have its nonsensical plot holes (including a pretty fucking gigantic one at the end!) but as pulp cinema, it is quite a fun ride to take.  Perhaps those, let's say more artistically pretentious among we critics (those Bosley Crowthers among us), cannot see this fun pulp twist to the story, and that is why they have panned an otherwise well-structured one Hell of a ride kind of movie as Drive Angry.  Your loss bitches!

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