Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Cinematheque Reviews:
I Love You Phillip Morris

It took nearly two years to make it to US screens (after its 2009 Sundance debut) but it is finally here.  We had a woman come out of I Love You Phillip Morris (at Midtown Cinema, run by my wife and I) and complain that we should warn people that it is a gay movie.  First of all, assuming the poster with two men in a heart shaped formation did not already tip this woman off, just the fact that she needs to be "warned" about homosexuality is, well it is kind of ridiculous - not to mention quite homophobic.  Anyway, this is part of the reason the film took so long to find a distributor (even though it is quite funny throughout), so I suppose we as a society are not as forward thinking as many of the more idealistic amongst us would have you think.  Whatever the case may be, my review is up and running over at The Cinematheque.


Dan O. said...

I had such a great time with this film. It’s tone was nice, and sweet, and watching Carrey just totally have the greatest time with a performance, by basically combining both his comedy and drama aspect, was just all a treat to watch. Nice Review!

Kevyn Knox said...


Yes, I whole-heartedly agree. He was just the right level of manic here. Not too soft, not too annoying. Just right in that baby bear kinda way.