Monday, December 6, 2010

Slip Slidin' Away.....

No, not the Paul Simon song (though I do like it) - I mean my fading presence on the LAMB Leaderboard.  As backstory, the LAMB is actually an acronym for the Large Association of Movie Blogs (of which I am proud member #678 of 750+ members and counting) and the aforementioned Leaderboard is LAMB's way of congratulating those Top 20 movie bloggers who have sent the most traffic LAMB's way over each month (via clicking that cute little button over on the left-handed sidebar of this blog - or wherever each blogger's own cute little button may reside).

So, when I first joined the LAMB back in the middle of August of this year, I soon found myself ensconced in the #5 spot in August's Top 20 Leaderboard - and after only two weeks!  This was quite the surprising little ego boost indeed, but I assumed this debut (with a bullet!) was due to being the new kid on the block and everyone checking my blog out.  I figured come September, I would be gone from the Leaderboard altogether.   Well, I decided to get some friends to help me make sure this did not happen by clicking that cute little button on their computers as well.  Well, lo and behold, September came and I was bumped up to #4.  My ego was satiated and all was good in the world.  So far.

Then came October and an embarrassing plummet to #12.  Ack!?  Sure, I realize this is all just a silly little numbers game, and doesn't really mean anything personal toward myself or my blog (I know I still have regular readers - though I could always use more), but I do love me a Top 10 list (or Top 20 in this case) and so I play along in giddy delight, hoping my numbers go back up.  This brings us to the LAMB Leaderboard for November.  This also brings us to another plummet (though not quite as drastic) to #16.  Will I fall into blogosphere obscurity?  No!!!  I can't let that happen.  The domino effect of notoriety on the web turning into a legit career as Film Historian / Critic (that actually pays well!?) is in balance.  What's a poor boy to do? 

Well, perhaps whenever you find yourself visiting this blog (and enjoying the writing and critiques of yours truly, one hopes) you too, much like Bogie's Rick helping Ilsa and Victor Laszlo at the end of Casblanca (it's a stretch but we all knew I had to throw some sort of movie reference in here, so I went with a classic), could click on that cute little button over on the left-handed sidebar and help me reach those halcyon heights of yesteryear once again.  Here's lookin' at you kid.

ed. note: I just found out I dropped on Wikio's list from 70th to 83rd  Aaahhh!!

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