Monday, August 9, 2010

Wild Grass
Reviewed at The Cinematheque

There was a lot of hoopla over 87 year old Alain Resnais' latest film, Wild Grass, when it first made the festival rounds last year.  Many called it an amazing work of an ageless auteur while others spat at the screen and stormed out of the screenings.  Okay, as far as I know, that last part never happened, but many in the critical community questioned why this film  was being so highly praised - many claiming it was just because Resnais made the film.

My opinion?  Well, you can read for yourself over at The Cinematheque as I have posted my review (link just below).  I do admit to having some mixed feelings at first - loving it visually but not so much otherwise - but the longer I watched, the more the work grew on me and the more I thought.....well, just go ahead and read the damned review and you will see.  Thanx for stopping by.

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