Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The OFCS Says No (Again).....But I Am Comforted by The Thought of Marion Davies

Today I was denied membership into the OFCS (Online Film Critics Society for those not in the know).  At first I was really bummed (it is my second year applying and my second year getting deee-nied) but I suppose they cannot let in everyone who applies.  I think my writing is top notch (not to sound too cocky, but the one thing I pride more than any other is my writing) and my site looks to be a well-designed site (if not a bit basic) for what it is (I suppose the flashy graphics of many movie review sites make one stand up and take notice, even if the writing is rather bland and/or simplistic) but alas, deee-nied once again.  I did become a member of LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs) just last week, so I suppose one can take that to the bank and smoke it too (not to mix metaphors too badly).

Anyway, that is my whiny little rant for this evening.  I suppose I should get that damned Dogtooth review written already (I only promised it a week ago), so I will leave it at that and get my ass a-writing.  I'll leave you with a lovely picture of the under-appreciated Marion Davies (of whom I watched two films of last night - The Patsy and Show People - and will be posting a critique of sometime in the next few days).  She'll make everything better.  Enjoy.....

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