Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Reviewed at The Cinematheque

There has been much debate lately (especially since the release of Inception) over the idea of a movie being praised for not so much being a well-made quality film as being cool and hip and awesome - which incidentally is not really the same thing.  There are films that can straddle the two factions (sixties Godard and present-day Tarantino come immediately to mind) and one of those said faction-straddlers is Edgar Wright's third movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
When I first saw the film just the other day I made mention in a Facebook status update that I believed it to be one of the best films of 2010 so far - hands down.  Several days later (as I finish my review of said movie) not only do I stand by that seemingly surprising outburst (many a friend commented on how I must be being sarcastic) but have grown even more enamored of the movie.  So much so that I could not stop my rambling on and on and on and on and on and on (and on) about the movie in my review.  A review that I eventually had to put a halt to (lest I succumb to carpel tunnel) at just under 1500 words (my usual critique runs on somewhere in the 500-600 word realm).

Anyway, before I ramble on too much here, hop on over to The Cinematheque and read my review of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

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