Tuesday, August 24, 2010

366 Weird Movies Guest Review: Johnny Guitar (Nicholas Ray, 54)

Well, it would seem that I am branching out.  I have begun what hopefully will be a long and fruitful guest reviewing gig over at 366 Weird Movies.  It is a site dedicated to (obviously) weird movies.  From the slightly odd to the downright freakish - and everything in between.  My first piece for the site is on Nicholas Ray's Johnny Guitar.  Perhaps not the strangest film around, but its verging on camp ideals make it at least in the honourable mention category.


The Movie Snob said...

This truly does look like a weird one. I may have to check this out. Like the site by the way, great title.

Kevyn Knox said...

Perhaps not the weirdest, but definitely odd. One of my all-time favourite films. Glad U like the site (the name is a Godard quote that I have always loved). Yr site looks good too. I am adding it to my blogroll.