Wednesday, August 4, 2010

City Cinema - My Bi-Monthly Column

ed. note: The links in this post are no longer a viable resource.

As some of you might know (at least the local branch of "some of you") back in April 2009, I became a columnist.  I had (obviously) written film reviews and articles for both online and print publications before that, but that date mark my first foray into becoming a columnist.  It just sounds cool to say, doesn't it?  Columnist.  Yeah baby.

Anyway, these columns (which started out monthly but are now bi-monthly due to space issues) are written for a local alternative monthly here in Harrisburg PA, called The Burg.  

These columns can be viewed at The Burg's website (in PDF form) but I have something even better than that.  You can also read all my columns at The Cinematheque in their original unedited form.  Yeah, that's right, the one's in The Burg have been edited.  I tend to ramble on a bit so some of them were cut for length considerations.  I suppose that's better than having them cut because I cannot form a proper sentence.  Seriously though, the paper's editor, Peter Durantine, does a great job and I for one have no complaints.

Anyway, I have now posted links to all nine of my columns thus far (my tenth, September 2010 will be coming in a few weeks - in a separate post of course) in their true original (and possibly rambling in some cases) form.  Enjoy (or don't).

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