Monday, September 14, 2009

Yeah, It's Another Freakin' New Blog

Hello and welcome to what is the very first post of the companion blog to my main site,  I know, I know, just what we need - another freakin' blog.   But I don't care - here it is, so get used to it or just go away.   Now that the niceties are out of the way, a bit of introduction.

As some of you may already know, my name is Kevyn Knox and I write about cinema.   My reviews can normally be seen over at my main site (as well as some other places you can be led to from that aforementioned site).   I have no reason to stop writing my reviews over there (and elsewhere) and they will continue ad infinitum.   This blog however will act as a sidebar of sorts - a critical cinematic aside if you will.   Over there are my reviews of all the new films coming out (mainly art cinema, foreign films and indies, but some mainstreamy stuff as well) as well as feeding my hunger for making as many lists as humanly (or inhumanly) possible - Top 10's for each year, my all-time favourites and so on.   Over here will be all those other ideas, theories, rants, raves, soapboxings, delusions, stream-of-consciousness blatherings and general pretentions.

Over here will be thoughts on older films I watch.  Over here will be links to all my new reviews as well.   Over here will be try-outs for articles.   Over here will be pontificating on the auteur theory.   Over here will be blatant fanboy gushing over such things as the latest work from Quentin Tarantino and Wong Kar-wai.   Over here will be thoughts on what it's like to run a 3-screen art cinema (as I do with my lovely wife) and why I feel like a cross between Shosanna from Inglourious Basterds and the Phantom of the Cinematheque.   Over here will be all things cinematic.   Over here will be...well, it'll just be everything else.   Kitchen sink cinema and all.

That's it for now.   It's nearly 1 am and I still have two reviews to finish before going to bed.  I will be back with new posts soon (including links to the two reviews I just mentioned).   Believe me (to go with the obvious Arnie reference) I'll be back.  I really don't know how to shut up.  Really, I don't.   Really.  Be back soon.  Fin, for now.  Really.

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