Friday, September 18, 2009

Two (new) Reviews and a Promise of Much Much More...

To paraphrase the White Rabbit, I'm freakin' late.   Ever in backlog mode over at The Cinematheque, I have finally (read: FINALLY!) posted a couple of really late (read: LATE!!) reviews.  Oddly enough (or perhaps not really all that odd at all) both films are British comedies.   One a comedy of manners the other a comedy of errors.  The first one, the comedy of manners one, is Easy Virtue (my review can be read here), the Noel Coward play turned film farce.   It's quite good actually - a thing that surprised me a bit considering my assumption that Jessica Biel was never anything more than a great ass and a set of blow-me lips to die for.

The second film, the comedy of errors, is In the Loop (my review can be read here), a profane screwball poli-com based on a Brit TV show called The Thick of It.   The film is that so-called (almost) proverbial laugh-out-loud funny kind of thing, but never does it pull any punches.  Biting, acerbic, brash and electric.   I do punctuate the profane moniker not just because the F(uck) bomb is dropped more than enough times to give Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction and The South Park Movie a fucking run for their money, but because of the reaction it is getting from some of the customers at Midtown Cinema, the 3-screen arthouse that I run with my lovely wife (You're not the only one with a lovely wife Mr. Kenny!).   Most have enjoyed the film but a few have walked out in complete disgust at the language used.  One gentleman even told me he has never heard so much cursing before in his life - and he was in the navy (!?).   Nevertheless, my review is up, fucking curse-riddled or not.

As far as other reviews go, as I more than alluded to earlier, I seem to be on perpetual backlog mode these days.  Among the other quite late reviews I need to post are Julie & Julia (the first film based on a blog?), Adam (a moderately well-acted bore), Beeswax (a mumblecore delight), Il Divo (a brash and bold Kubrickian Italian biopic), Three Monkeys (Nuri Bilge Ceylon's latest failed attempt at becoming Tarkovsky), Tetro (Coppola's comeback to end all comebacks!) and Mein Fuhrer (a German comedy about Hitler and his Jewish mentor of sorts!?).  Many of these are already written in longhand just not transposed to that there intranet thingee.

Another three films to write about are the 9's.  District 9 (an anti-Apartheid sci-fi thriller), Cloud 9 (that German movie about old people having sex) and just plain 9 (which is somewhat plainer than I expected).  But that mother of 'em all - the one review I am most ashamed at not having posted yet - is the most talked about film online right now.   That is of course, Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds.  Of course by this point (I've already seen it twice and am preparing a third time around!) what could I possibly say about the film that hasn't already been said here, here, here, here, here, here, here and (especially) here and here?  Well, whatever that is, I hope to be posting it soon.  I suppose I don't have to worry about spoilers in my review since pretty much anyone who wants to see the film has already seen it.  That's a bingo!

Well, that's it for now.  I promise to be back with all these aforementioned reviews as soon as possible.   And now I have to add Zombieland to that list I suppose.

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