Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two New Reviews on MovieZeal

I have another new outlet to publish my reviews.  The place is called MovieZeal and it is a great site full of reviews of both new theatrical releases and DVD releases.  The site is run by Luke Harrington who does a wonderful job with it.  Both the design and the actual critical input look and feel great.

My first two reviews for MovieZeal are both in the aforementioned DVD category.   They are also two reviews that due to my seemingly eternal procrastination, never actually made it onto my own site (you know it, The Cinematheque) when I originally saw them months and months ago.  Well, here they are now.

The first film (posted 09/27) is Greg Mottola's quite surprisingly wry and witty (and highly underrated by many fellow critics imho) Adventureland.  Who would have ever thought that the man who brought us the ugly, nasty (and highly overrated by many fellow critics imho) Superbad could give us anything close to Adventureland.  Sure Jesse Eisenberg may be playing his same old schtick again and Kristen Stewart may not be able to act her way out of the proverbial paper bag, but neither thing stops Adventureland from being a smartly written anti-rom-com with an edge.  My MovieZeal review of Adventureland can be read here.

The second film (posted 09/30) is Sam Mendes seeming distraction between real projects, Away We Go.  This is a film filled with talented comedic actors (SNL's Maya Rudolph, The Office's John Krasisnki, Allison Janney, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jim Gaffigan etc.) and a somewhat capable director (uneven perhapos but capable indeed) but with the most solipsistic of screenplays by the husband & wife team of Dave Eggers & Vandela Vida.  I call the film a two-headed bipolar beast in my review and I believe this describes Away We Go better than any other descriptive I give in said review.  My MovieZeal review of Away We Go can be read here

After these two introductory reviews (as I said, basically two reviews I just never got around to writing) my next critique will be Michael Moore's derisive Capitalism: A Love Story.  It should be up on MovieZeal by the week-end.  After that I will be a regular contributor to the site.  Though I of course will still be posting the majority of my reviews over at The Cinematheque, I will be posting at least one review (if not two) each and every week over at MovieZeal.  I am glad to be aboard.

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