Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NYFF 2009.....

In just a day's time, I will be heading to the New York Film Festival.  It will be my sixth visit to the festival and my fourth as part of the press corps.  Unfortunately, like year's past, I will not be able to attend the entire fest.  Due to having to hold down a regular job (regular so to speak, I run, with my lovely wife, Midtown Cinema, a 3-screen arthouse here in Harrisburg PA) and not being overly wealthy (each trip costs about $90 when adding in gas, parking and tolls), I must satisfy myself with a mere two (measly) visits to this year's NYFF.

My itinerary does consist of as many films as I can humanly squeeze in.  The films I will be catching and thus reviewing here are von Trier's Antichrist, Haneke's White Ribbon, Maoz's Lebanon, Korine's Trash Humpers, Almadovar's Broken Embraces, The Red Riding Trilogy and a doc look at Henri-Georges Clouzot's L'enfer.  

Several anticipated films will be missed.  They include films from Breillat, Denis, Solondz, Rivette and Costa.   My most glaring miss will be Resnais' Wild Grass. Alas, what is a boy to do?  At least I will (hopefully) see some of my online critic buds at some of the screenings I do make it to.

As far as posting festival updates and reviews, in the past I have posted my festival reports at my main site, The Cinematheque, but this year my fest reports will appear here at The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World.  Full reviews of the films (once they open - Antichrist coming first on 10/23) will still be appearing at The Cinematheque.

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