Friday, September 18, 2009

Cold Souls (first thoughts and all)

Just came out of Cold Souls and I must say, I don't give a wit about all those nagging mediocre reviews, I liked it - liked it a lot.  Sure, it may not be Being John Malkovich, which it most closely resembles in nature if not nurture - that film was a near masterpiece (if not an actual one!) - but Barthes' film ideas on camerawork and art direction, and Giamatti's hunkering performance (as himself) are enough to sell this darkly comic picture to this critic.  But what do I know, I was one of the (very) few who gave a strong review to Woody Allen's latest, Whatever Works.  Anyway, that's it for right now.  I'll be back with my full review of the film tomorrow or the next, as well as one on the giddy bloodplay popcorn splatterfest Zombieland, which I caught last night.

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