Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Cinematheque Reviews: Colombiana

This is one of a series of flood-delayed reviews coming your way a week or so late.  For an explanation of what the Hell that even means, read this

The new female-centric actioner from French director, and Luc Besson protege (Besson co-wrote the script as well) Olivier Megaton, is for all intents and purposes a very serious look at the world of a beautiful revenge-seeking assassin played by Zoe "I'm not really blue" Saldana.  Now there is nothing especially wrong with that but, as I go on endlessly about in my review, a little bit of fun added into the mix would have made a world of difference.  Viva la difference.  Sadly though there is not much fun to be had in Colombiana, but as I said, I talk (much) more about that in my review, which not incidentally is now up and running over at The Cinematheque.  Check it out if you so desire.

Read my review of Colombiana at The Cinematheque.

Though the film may not have the giddy excitement it should have, Zoe Saldana does kick ass and looks really really good doing it.  That's worth something, right?


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