Saturday, September 10, 2011

Waylaid By Rising Flood Waters, But Back Soon

As some of you may know, some pretty wet weather hit the eastern seaboard this past week, and due to such overabundance of wetness there was some pretty ugly flooding going on all around yours truly here.  Living alongside the mighty Susquehanna River in Harrisburg Pa, we watched as the river rose and rose and rose...and then rose some more.  Meanwhile, roads were shut down, basements were emptied of their belongings, furniture was removed to higher ground in houses...and still it rose.  At one point (actually at many points) the talk on the news was talking about record flooding all over the state.  So, the lovely little missus and I (our four quite rambunctious felines in tow) fled for higher ground (more specifically, our friend Anna's house).  Was the river going to reach our house?  We were not sure.  We were told that it would need to crest at about 30.5 feet to reach our doorstep.  The predictions were for a crest of 29 feet.  Too close for our comfort.  Plus, as the city turned power off as a precautionary measure, it was best to spend the night at the aforementioned (parenthetically) Anna's house, all safe and dry.  Now the river ended up cresting at just under 26 feet, so all was good as they say and we brought the cats back home (they did not like their brief holiday, I can tell you that for sure).

I suppose what I am trying to say is, I haven't seen a damn movie since Wednesday!!  And it is now Saturday!!!  This will be remedied later tonight by the way.  What I am also trying to say is that my reviews have gotten more than a bit behind.  Waylaid as the title goes.  Already late in getting my Colombiana review up and running (that is more my procrastination than any flooding problems though), my reviews for both Shark Night and Apollo 18 (neither of which will be seeing many ravish remarks in said reviews) are still not posted.  And now, my ideas of seeing Soderbergh's Contagion yesterday are out the proverbial window as well.  I suppose all four of these reviews will finally see the light of day at some point over the next week.  The river has gone down, my filmwatching has come back (not since Wednesday!!?), and so my review posting shall returneth.  I will also be posting reviews of a few films from earlier days (that I never got around to for one pathetic reason or another) such as the superb Kaboom from Gregg Araki and the whimsically wry Terri from Azazel Jacobs, as well as some reviews of films I just have not seen yet but will be over the next few days such as Lee Chang-dong's Poetry and Kim Je-woon's I Saw the Devil (both Korean by happenstance).  Hell, the flooding concerns (which also include the cinema my wife and I run) even made me a few hours late in wishing a happy birthday to my celebrity crush, Michelle Williams.  But I am back now baby!!

So until then, please enjoy this somewhat appropriate screenshot below (get it?).