Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anomalous Material Weekly Feature: 10 Best Brad Pitt Performances

After a short hiatus, I now return with what is my tenth weekly 10 best feature for the fine folks over at Anomalous Material.  For those of you not in the know, those same said fine folks have given me a regular weekly gig as feature writer.  It is a series of top ten lists on various cinematic subjects (and anyone who knows me can attest to how perfectly suited I am to such an endeavor - yes I am a list nerd).  This week's feature is on that golden boy of Hollywood, and favourite child (I assume) of Shawnee Oklahoma, Mr. William Bradley Pitt.  Usually tossed off as a mere movie star, Brad Pitt is nonetheless one of the finest actors of his generation.  My list will delve into that with his ten best performances (and a pair of honourable mentions).

Now personally I do not think Pitt was right for the role of Aldo Raine in Inglourious Basterds.  You see, in my fantasy world where I am an Oscar winning actor/writer/producer/composer/editor/director and one of the biggest stars in Hollywood (and best friends with Quentin Tarantino) I get to play the role of Aldo the Apache -- and I hit it out of the fucking park!  But I suppose Brad does a decent job with it in this world.


Ashley said...

I've seen IB a lot, so of course I no longer have the ability to picture anyone else in the role. However, he wasn't perfect so that naturally leaves room to speculate as to who might've done a better job. Maybe in another life!

Kevyn Knox said...

Thanx for the vote of imaginary confidence.

Paolo said...

I still say that Pitt's Aldo Raine is a caricature compared to the other performances in the film and other characters he's done, but that's a boring opinion I guess.

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