Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hollywood Haiku: And The Winner Is...My Lovely, Poetic Better Half

For those of you who regularly haunt these pages (and you know who you are) you should remember a few weeks back when I posted my official entry in Best For Film's Hollywood Haiku Competition.  You should also remember that along with my own ten seventeen-syllabled entries, I also entered two of my lovely wife, Jeanette Amy Trout's haiku - including an especially good one on the film Breathless (incidentally the Missus's second favourite film of all time).  

My main reason for doing this (other than loving my wife of course) was because I figured I didn't have the proverbial shot in hell of winning, but my much much much much more talented wife did.  Mine, as they say, do not even hold a candle to hers - not even in the same ballpark (to toss in another cliche).  Well lo and behold, guess who won (as if you could not have already guessed by reading the title of the post).  That's right true believers, the lovely Ms. Trout did.   

The full list of winners and runners-up can be seen HERE.  And even though you can read the winning haiku at that link (along with some wonderful praise - as well as two of my meager entries) it is so nice, let's see it twice.

Jean-Paul's thumb chafes lip
While watching sweet Jean's hips twitch
Jilts the death of him

So super congratulations to my lovely wife, Jeanette Amy Trout - winner of Best For Film's Hollywood Haiku Competition (and a lovely new Blu-ray player to boot!).  And to make it even more fun, I had entered her haiku without her knowing so when the winners were announced earlier tonight she was elated to say the least.  In fact she was too giddy to even fall asleep.  She even called the only person we know that would still be up at 1am and who would be as thrilled by this as we were.  She's so damn cute.  I love her so.


Ellie Garratt said...

After a few problems with blogger, I can finally comment. Yay!

Congratulations, Jeanette. You are a worthy winner. Hope you've forgiven Kevyn for secretly entering your Haiku!

Ellie Garratt

Kevyn Knox said...

I think more than winning in general, she likes that she has beaten me. Not sure why, yes I do know more about cinema than she, but she is a far better poet than I - any day of any week.

Anonymous said...

belated congrats, jeanette.