Wednesday, June 8, 2011

City Cinema: June 2011

After a missed month (damn deadlines!) my bi-monthly column, "City Cinema" that I do for The Burg, is out and about on newsstands everywhere - well at least in the Harrisburg Pa area.  I write about the stunning Meek's Cutoff (playing an exclusive Central Pennsylvania gig at Midtown Cinema - plug plug) as well as some anticipatory notes about both Super 8 and Cowboys & Aliens.  If one wanted to, one could check out said column here.  Due to this being one of those old school printed columns (in actual paper and ink!) a reprinted version of my column over at my website, The Cinematheque, is where this link will theoretically take you.  Of course one can always go over to The Burg and check out this and past issues in pdf form if one were so inclined.

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