Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Cinematheque Reviews: The Art of Getting By

With all the arguments about how art films are difficult and a chore to endure - eating your cultural vegetables is the term used recently by some internet crackpot - it is nice to see one supposed art film opting instead for the same old typically cliche-ridden formulaic moviemaking in such abundant use in the mainstream.  Needless to say, these tongue-in-cheek lines are meant as a passive-aggressive take-down of the film in question, The Art of Getting By.  I mean c'mon, really - you have the brooding rebellious protagonist reading Camus - c'mon!  Anyway, by relatively brief take on said film is up and running ov er at The Cinematheque.

Brood George, brood.  How can you tell he is brooding?  Because Leonard Cohen is on the soundtrack.

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